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Lyft Accidents
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Charleston Lyft Accident Lawyer

Lyft accidents can be severe. If you were a passenger during one of these accidents in Charleston, reach out to a lawyer for the help you need with your crash claim.

Rideshare companies like Lyft have become a regular feature for residents of many cities, including Charleston. It can be an easy option for those trying to get across town or just to work and back. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean it’s always a safe option.

If you’ve been injured because of a Lyft driver, you may have an opportunity for a lawsuit. Getting a lawyer like the ones from HawkLaw, PA may help you recover the compensation you’re qualified for, and speaking to a Charleston Lyft accident lawyer can help you get started with your claim.

Getting Coverage for Lyft Accidents

When you’re injured by a Lyft driver, you may need to seek compensation from the appropriate party. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to determine who the responsible party is. In some cases, it may be another driver, a car parts manufacturer, or even the Department of Transportation, in cases of road defects.

However, if a Lyft driver caused the accident, you may be unsure who’s responsible for your losses. In many cases, employers are responsible for their employees, but that’s not the case for many rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft. Instead, they may avoid responsibility by positioning themselves as app developers and the drivers as self-employed people.

Fortunately, most rideshare drivers are required to carry insurance that covers those injured in the course of their job. For example, if you were injured during a ride, their insurance policy may cover your injuries in Charleston, up to $1 million per accident.

Compensation for Charleston Residents in Lyft Crashes

When you’re injured by a careless driver, it’s important to take the right steps for a full recovery. Your attorney can help you calculate the worth of your injury claim and pursue the compensation you’re eligible for.

First, you might be concerned about your economic damages. These losses are the financial aspects of your claim, like your medical bills and loss of income. Typically, these losses are simply added up for your claim.

You’ll also need compensation for your emotional and mental losses. These losses are intangible, which means they don’t have a specific price tag like your economic damages. Instead, you may need tools from your Charleston lawyer that can help you calculate the worth of these damages. These losses may include pain and suffering, emotional trauma, loss of enjoyment of life, and more.

Speak to Your Charleston Lawyer about Your Lyft Accident

A Lyft accident can leave you struggling with your injuries, which make it tough to file a lawsuit after your rideshare crash. Worse, you might struggle to understand who’s at fault for your losses. In these cases, you may need a lawyer from HawkLaw, PA on your side.

Our attorneys understand how complex these cases can be. You may not be dealing with the same laws that you would with other transport options, like taxis or buses, so it’s important to understand where your claim differs. That’s why we offer free consultations* where we can discuss your claim and what we can do to help.

Reach out to a Charleston Lyft accident lawyer for help. Begin by calling 1-888-HAWK-LAW (429-5529) or by filling out the online form below.  Hawklaw, P.A. also has Lyft accident attorneys across the state of South Carolina including Columbia and Greenville.

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