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Burn injuries can lead to permanent scarring, disfigurement, and disability. We understand the pain that stems from such an injury. We’ll be Right By You, fighting on your behalf for rightful compensation. Simply call 888-HAWKLAW or talk to us using our live chat and our team will get to work.
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HawkLaw’s team of burn injury lawyers help you find peace in the aftermath. 

A burn injury can occur almost everywhere, especially around the home or in the workplace. According to experts at John Hopkins Medicine, the leading causes of burn injuries are smoking or open flames for adults, and scalding for young children. Many of these burns are classified as thermal burns, in which scalding liquids, hot metals, steam, or flames make contact with exposed skin.

Accidents do occasionally occur, but negligence or bad intentions leave innocent victims forced to live with unsightly scars and damaged skin for the rest of their lives. Someone must be held accountable for those injuries, and that’s what we, at HawkLaw, vow to fight for on your behalf. We believe in accountability and reparations to innocent victims, and we use all of our skills to do Right By You and fight for justice.

HawkLaw’s 'Right By You' burn injury legal process:

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Following our initial meeting, we’ll launch an investigation into how the injury occurred and assemble paperwork to help prove your case. As a digital-first law firm, you’ll be able to check in on our findings and see how your case is progressing.

3. Initial negotiations

Once we have what we need to build a case for your claim, we will contact the insurance company or at-fault party and attempt to negotiate a fair and just compensation for your injuries. Our goal is to do Right By You and agree on a fair and just settlement for your damages, pain, and suffering. If an acceptable settlement can’t be reached, a HawkLaw trial lawyer will advise you about the option of going to court.

Why choose HawkLaw’s burn injury lawyers 

If you’ve been the victim of a burn injury, you’ll likely face serious psychological issues as a result of the incident, even after the wound has fully healed. The scars from a burn injury are more than just physical, and they amount to a personal injury that affects your entire persona.

At HawkLaw, we believe in seeking justice for negligent behavior that, one, causes bodily harm to innocents and, two, leaves permanent scars that victims must live with for the rest of their lives. That’s why our team of attorneys and investigators will work diligently to fight for your right to fair and just compensation. As a digital-first law firm, you can get your case initiated immediately so we can start doing Right By You. Just fill out our Instant Access form, and you will have access to an experienced lawyer any time, day or night.

Burn Injury Facts  

Non-fatal burns are a leading cause of extended hospitalizations, disfigurements, and disabilities, according to the World Health Organization. The consequences of these injuries often result in social stigmas and rejections that cause permanent psychological scars.

Children and adult women are more likely to lose their lives as a result of a serious burn. However, burn injuries, in general, are more common in adult men than in other demographics.

Types and Causes of Burn injuries


Thermal burns

These are the most common burns and are a result of a heat source causing searing damage to exposed skin. Hot products, steam, car accidents, and small fires are the most frequent causes of thermal burns. 

Electrical burns

Unlike other types of burns, damage from an electrical burn occurs beneath the top layer of skin. They occur when electrical current courses through the body, typically due to exposure to a live power wire or a defective electrical appliance. 

Chemical burns

These burns occur when dangerous chemicals are mixed together in unsafe environments. Chemical burns are often unintentional due to a lack of clear warning labels on the chemical products that cause the burn. 

Radiation burns

Radiation burns are a result of long periods of exposure to thermal radiation or ultraviolet light. Sunburns, particularly severe sunburns, are also classified as radiation burns due to the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays. 

Common FAQs

Burn injury negligence is classified as injury caused by preventable accidents. Incidents such as defective products, household chemicals without proper warning labels, and preventable workplace hazards are among the most common causes of burn injuries and, yet, also the most preventable. The failure to improve environmental conditions is what makes a burn injury a result of negligence.


Examples of burn injuries likely due to negligence include:

Anyone who suffers from a burn injury caused by negligence is entitled to file a claim for compensation. You can seek payments and financial support for medical expenses, physical therapy, emotional therapy, as well as pain and suffering. Due to time spent in the hospital, you’ll also miss out on time at work that reduces your earnings. You can seek compensation for lost wages within your burn injury claim. 

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