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While buses are a safe mode of public transportation in South Carolina, accidents do happen. They may not happen as often as other types of automobile accidents, but when they do occur, the aftermath can be devastating. Dozens of people can sustain injuries in a single bus accident – injuries from which some won’t be able to recover. When a bus accident occurs, the victims involved need to understand their rights under South Carolina law and want to know who is responsible. HawkLaw is here to help.  Call 888.HAWK.LAW or use our contact page today!

Bus Accidents and Negligence in South Carolina

Buses are a special mode of transportation, complete with special state laws regarding accidents. Because buses are common carriers, they must abide by higher duties of care than other vehicles. Bus drivers must use reasonable prudence to ensure the safety of passengers, pedestrians, and the public. Bus drivers must take special driver’s license tests and adhere to certain qualifications to drive a common carrier. Common causes of bus accidents are:

  • Bus manufacturer error. Bus manufacturer error. Defective or dangerous parts due to manufacturer negligence can cause harmful events such as brake failure. If a manufacturer error causes a bus accident, the courts may hold the manufacturing company responsible.
  • Negligent maintenance. If a bus or city crew fails to keep up with routine parts and vehicle maintenance, it can cause a variety of issues. Broken windshield wipers, for example, can cause an accident in poor weather conditions. In this situation, the courts may hold the maintenance crew or employer responsible.
  • Driver negligence. If a bus driver causes the accident due to negligence such as speeding, drowsy driving, or driving under the influence, the bus carrier is responsible for damages under personal injury tort law.
  • Poorly trained drivers. Employers provide several weeks of training, and adequate assistance to new employees to obtain their commercial driver’s licenses. If an employer fails in these duties, it could result in a poorly trained bus driver. If this is the case and an accident results, the courts will likely hold the employer responsible for injuries.

Bus companies in South Carolina carry particular types of automobile insurance. Their insurance is more comprehensive, covering damages for all passengers. In most cases, the bus company will absorb your medical bills and costs related to the accident. In some cases, though, filing a personal injury claim instead of settling your case with the bus company’s insurance adjuster may help you receive compensation for your damages.

Experienced South Carolina Bus Accident Lawyers

Every bus accident case is different. Some may be relatively straightforward, but others might involve complex issues unique to the common carrier industry. In many bus accidents, an at-fault bus driver complicates the personal injury claim process. Deciding who is responsible for your bus accident may take an in-depth investigation of the crash. HawkLaw has its own team of investigators to help bus accident victims.

After a bus accident, the specific procedure you should follow to pursue compensation will differ depending on the circumstances. Typically, you must file a notice of claim with the government, as this is the owner of state and city buses. Your claim must state who you believe the defendant to be, a description of the accident, and your contact information.

In a bus accident, there are more victims, more parties responsible, and potentially more serious injuries than in other motor vehicle crashes. Buses do not have airbags or seat belts to protect passengers, which may lead to serious injuries. Call 888-HAWKLAW  or use our contact page to set up your free consultation* today.

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