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South Carolina Motorcycle Accident Attorney

If you’ve been in a motorcycle accident, don’t fight your case alone. We are dedicated and will Fight to Win for our clients. We’ll represent your interests and work tirelessly so you get the compensation you deserve. We want you to know that you won’t be riding alone in court if you bring your motorcycle accident case to HawkLaw. As a digital-first law firm, you can get your case initiated immediately so we can start fighting for you. Contact us through our live chat or call 888-HAWKLAW.
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Helping Injured Motorcyclists Explore Their Legal Options For Collisions Causing Severe Injuries

Both visitors and residents alike enjoy the rush of adrenaline they get from riding their motorcycles on the beautiful open roads of South Carolina. If you are a biker, the thrill is undeniable, but so are the potential dangers that can result in catastrophic injuries or even wrongful death.

When a negligent driver is responsible for the harm to you or a loved one, they need to be held legally accountable. That is why you need a motorcycle accident lawyer who won’t just negotiate for an adequate settlement on your behalf. You need a law firm ready to take on the fight.

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Why Choose HawkLaw’s Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

People are never as open and free on the road as they are when riding a motorcycle. Unfortunately, that same openness leaves you exposed to potentially serious injuries should the worst occur. Motorcycles don’t have the protection of a car or truck, which can be devastating in a collision.

We want you to know that you won’t be riding alone in court if you bring your motorcycle accident case to HawkLaw. We’ll fight to get you fair and just compensation. As a digital-first law firm, you can get your case initiated immediately so we can start fighting for you. Call 888-HAWKLAW today or use our contact form, and we’ll get to work right away!

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Common Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents

Car accidents may seem unavoidable at times — an inherent risk of driving. However, the truth is that many motorists are injured in collisions that were entirely preventable. Here are some of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents and what to be aware of when you’re on the road as a biker or driving a passenger vehicle.

  •     Distracted drivers who are texting and driving or otherwise operating their vehicles without fully paying attention to the road
  •     Negligent drivers who fail to take into account that bikers have as much right to the road as passenger vehicles
  •     Blind spots in either the motorcyclist’s view or the other driver’s
  •     Environmental hazards, such as road construction or inclement weather
  •     Speeding or otherwise driving recklessly
  •     Operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs

You’ll need to understand South Carolina’s motorcycle accident laws to ensure you qualify for maximum compensation. HawkLaw’s trained, compassionate attorneys are well-versed in these laws, and we’ve successfully earned millions of dollars* in helping victims of vehicular accident claims all across the state.

Types Of Compensation That May Be Available After Motorcycle Traffic Accidents

There are multiple types of financial restitution your personal injury attorney can help you recover after a motorcycle accident that caused serious injuries. This compensation may include but is not limited to:

  •     Coverage for inpatient medical bills and/or outpatient medical treatment
  •     Reimbursement of medical expenses already paid out during recovery
  •     Reimbursement for lost wages
  •     Property damage, if the collision resulted in damage to a vehicle(s) and/or personal property
  •     Reimbursement of attorney’s fees, if applicable
  •     Funeral expenses in the case of motorcycle accident fatalities and wrongful death
  •     Compensation for pain and suffering caused by severe injuries
  •     Punitive damages in cases where a negligent driver can be shown to have acted egregiously

What To Know About Motorcycle Accident Law In South Carolina

A series of regulations govern the safe operation of motorcycles in South Carolina. Any biker who wants to preserve their interests in the case of a motorcycle accident should familiarize themselves with these regulations. After a collision, it’s imperative to speak with a South Carolina motorcycle accident lawyer familiar with state guidelines and how they may affect personal injury cases.

Many of South Carolina’s motorcycle safety laws are in place to help reduce catastrophic injuries, particularly for young riders. For example, helmets are only mandatory for bikers under the age of 21, but each side of a bike helmet must contain reflectors. Bikers under 21 must also wear protective eye coverings unless their bike has a windscreen, and all motorcyclists are required to carry insurance with mandatory minimum coverage limits. Riders under the age of 21 who were not wearing a helmet may receive a traffic citation, but this does not negate the liability if another party caused the accident that led to your injury.

While South Carolina law does not require riders over the age of 21 to wear a helmet, it is always a good idea since headgear offers significant protection from injury in the event of a serious motorcycle accident. However, even if you were not wearing a helmet at the time of the crash, this does not prevent you from pursuing a claim under South Carolina law. It is important for any driver or passenger who was injured to speak to a South Carolina personal injury attorney to talk about the specifics related to your case.

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Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries

The kinds of motorcycle accident injuries the human body can endure in such a collision are shocking, and unfortunately, many of them are completely debilitating or even unsurvivable. Some of the most frequently seen injuries in motorcycle riders after a crash include:
· Head injuries, including Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
· Spinal cord injuries
· Broken bones
· Soft tissue injuries
· Road rash
· Other catastrophic injuries
· Fatalities
If you are a biker who was involved in a motorcycle crash, it’s crucial that you get medically cleared, even if you feel fine after the collision. Adrenaline can mask pain, and other serious injuries may not be immediately noticeable. Get checked out no matter what, but the following symptoms are of particular concern and generally require emergency medical treatment:

  • Bone fractures

    •     Swelling or bruising over a bone
    •     Deformity of a bodily limb
    •     Pain in the injured area that gets worse when touched
    •     Loss of function in the injured area
    •     Bones protruding from the skin
  • Spinal Injuries

    •     Breathing problems
    •     Muscle weakness
    •     Loss of voluntary muscle movement in chest, arms, or legs
    •     Loss of bowel and bladder function
    •     Numbness in chest, arms, or legs
  • Internal bleeding

    •     Dizziness
    •     Severe weakness
    •     Loss of consciousness
    •     Low blood pressure
    •     Acute visual problems
    •     Numbness
    •     Weakness on one side of the body
    •     Severe headache
  • Whiplash

    •     Neck pain
    •     Muscle stiffness
    •     Difficulty with neck movement
    •     Headaches
    •     Tenderness or pain in the shoulder
    •     Upper back or arm tightness
  • What Kind of Personal Injury Claim Can I File?

    In the State of South Carolina, under the law you can file a claim for both economic and non-economic damages.

    Economic damages include expenses associated with medical bills, surgery, rehabilitation, lost wages, loss of future income, and other costs. Depending upon the circumstances, you may also be entitled to receive non-economic damages, which can include pain, suffering, physical impairment, disfigurement, emotional distress, mental anguish, loss of consortium, and other struggles you suffer, but do not have a price tag.

    A knowledgeable South Carolina personal injury lawyer can offer a free case review* and look at the circumstances surrounding your accident and determine what your case may be worth.

    motorcycle laying on its side in the road

    Call A South Carolina Motorcycle Accident Attorney For A Consultation Today

    After being hurt in a motorcycle accident caused by a negligent driver, you may be wondering how you’ll move forward. Life won’t ever be the same, but with the help of an experienced South Carolina motorcycle accident lawyer, you can pursue a claim for the support and compensation you need to begin a difficult recovery and look towards brighter days ahead.

    Our Client-Focused Motorcycle Accident Legal Process

    Call 888-HAWKLAW or use our contact form, and we’ll get to work right away. It’s that easy. As soon as your first meeting with a motorcycle accident lawyer, we’ll get the ball rolling. We have an investigative team with years of experience that will immediately begin analyzing what happened, including recreating the incident and collecting any evidence that may benefit your case.

    As a digital-first law firm, you’ll be able to check the progress of your case online in just a few clicks. No more calling and waiting on hold.

    Once we’ve built a solid case, we’ll contact the insurance company or at-fault party and initially work toward fair and just compensation for your severe injuries. If an acceptable settlement can’t be reached, HawkLaw is ready to fight for you. Our team will then advise you of the next steps.

Our Motorcycle Accident Legal Process

1.Talk To Us

Call 888-HAWKLAW or talk to us using our live chat and we’ll get to work right away. You take care of you and we’ll take care of the rest.

2. Building Your Case

Following the first meeting, your dedicated personal injury lawyer will launch your case.* HawkLaw and its partners* have an investigative team with years of experience identifying what happened, recreating the incident, and collecting any evidence that helps with your case. As a digital-first law firm, you’ll be able to check in on our findings and see how your case is progressing.

3. Initial Negotiations

Once we have what we need to build a case for your claim, we will contact the insurance company or at-fault party and attempt to negotiate a fair and just compensation for your injuries. Our goal is to do right by you and agree on a fair and just settlement for your damages, pain, and suffering. If an acceptable settlement can’t be reached, your lawyer* will advise you about the option of going to court.

Common FAQ’s

  • What should I do after a motorcycle collision?

    First, check if anyone is injured on the scene. Call 911 right away if needed. If no one is seriously harmed, move your vehicles out of the way of traffic. Then, immediately speak to the other driver involved in the accident and collect their contact information.

    DO NOT ADMIT FAULT. Do not make any comments about what might have happened to cause the crash. Do not apologize. If emergency medical services are unnecessary, contact the police instead. If the police choose not to respond to a minor incident, you should go down to your local station to make a police report yourself. A police report is a critical piece of information that you will then later provide to your HawkLaw motorcycle accident lawyer.



  • How long after a motorcycle accident can you claim an injury?

    Ideally, you should file your motorcycle accident claim as soon as you can following an accident. However, if you’ve sustained serious injuries that require medical treatment and time spent in the hospital, you should wait until after the treatment is complete. This way you can include those medical expenses that are not covered by your health insurance plan.

    Like other states, South Carolina has what is called a statute of limitations in its legal code. This is the amount of time an injured victim has the ability to file a personal injury claim. In South Carolina, the statute of limitations is three years. What this means is victims can file a motorcycle accident claim on or before three years from the date of the accident in the state’s civil court system. It is vital to talk to a personal injury lawyer before the time on the “clock” runs out. It takes a motorcycle accident law firm time to compile documentation and assemble the evidence prior to filing a claim.

    At HawkLaw, you can rest assured you can obtain legal representation without worrying about your financial situation. Our law firm does not require accident victims to pay anything upfront to file a motorcycle accident claim. We only collect a fee if we win a case for our clients. You can learn more about how this works by reading the disclaimer* at the bottom of this page.

  • How much can you expect from a motorcycle accident settlement?

    The amount of money you can receive in a motorcycle accident claim depends on the severity of your injuries and the cost to treat those injuries. Speak with your motorcycle accident attorney about your potential earnout to arrive at a fair and just number to push for during your claim process.

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