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A brain injury is one of the most painful experiences you can live through. You need a dedicated attorney to build a case for compensation when negligence causes you harm. We’ll always do Right By You. Talk to us using our live chat or call 888-HAWKLAW. We're here to help.
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When the brain sustains an injury, the sensitive tissues within the brain sustain damage and cease to function properly – resulting in temporary or permanent disability, paralysis, and brain death. Many different accidents can result in traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), from a car crash to a sports-related incident.

The last thing you should have to worry about is fighting to secure your rights for fair compensation alone. Our brain injury law firm understands how difficult it is to adjust to such a life-changing experience, and we commit our entire slate of resources towards doing Right By You to settle a righteous claim.

HawkLaw’s 'Right By You' brain injury legal process:

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2. Building your case

Following our initial meeting, we’ll launch an investigation into how the injury occurred and assemble paperwork to help prove your case. As a digital-first law firm, you’ll be able to check in on our findings and see how your case is progressing.

3. Initial negotiations

When enough evidence is collected, we will contact the insurance company or at-fault party and attempt to negotiate a fair and just compensation for your injuries. Our goal is to do Right By You and agree on a fair and just settlement for your damages, pain, and suffering. If an acceptable settlement can’t be reached, a HawkLaw trial lawyer will advise you about the option of going to court.



Why Choose HawkLaw’s TBI lawyers 

If you suffer any traumatic head injury, you do have rights as an injured accident victim in South Carolina. If a negligent party causes your brain injury, you may be eligible to receive a sizable settlement, provided you can make the case to press your claim for compensation.

At HawkLaw, we understand that a rightful settlement won’t take away the trauma of a brain injury. But we do believe that compensation can help you reclaim aspects of your life that are impacted by the incident. We empathize with your situation, and we promise a diligent commitment to fight for you and your family. As a digital-first law firm, you can get your case initiated immediately so we can start doing Right By You. Just fill out our Instant Access form, and you will have access to an experienced lawyer any time, day or night.

Head Injury Physical and Cognitive Symptoms 

Mild to moderate head injuries may temporarily influence the brain cells in your head. Severe head trauma can result in internal bruising, bleeding, and other complications to the brain that cause long-term complications.

Common physical symptoms of brain injuries include nausea, headaches, fatigue, speech impediments, difficulty sleeping, and occasional lapses of consciousness. You may also live with sensory deprivation, including blurred vision or difficulty hearing, and experience occasional lapses in memory and concentration.

Types of brain injuries 


A concussion is the most common type of brain injury. Concussions are caused by direct blows to the skull, violent head shaking, assault wounds, and whiplash. The brain’s blood vessels may stretch, which damages cranial nerves. It can take several months or even years to fully recover from a concussion. 


Contusions occur when a blunt object hits you in the head and causes internal bleeding or bruising. Depending on the severity of the force to the head, you may experience what’s known as a coup-contrecoup injury or a secondary brain contusion that contributes to further destruction of the brain tissue. 

Diffuse Axonal

A diffuse axonal injury occurs when something shakes the head rapidly, causing a lag in how the brain moves within the skull that tears into the structure of the brain. This causes nerve tissue damage and the release of brain chemicals that disrupt the brain’s natural communication and chemical processes. A diffuse axonal injury can cause coma, brain damage, or death. 


One of the most severe levels of brain injury is penetration, when an object, such as a bullet, penetrates the skull and enters the brain. Should the object go through the brain and come out of another side of the skull, it can rupture brain tissue. Objects may also ricochet within the skull, increasing the amount of damage. 

Common FAQs

The survival rate depends on the severity of the head injury. People are more likely to recover from mild injuries and mild concussions, though there may be underlying symptoms that remain for years. Serious TBIs that cause comas have a much higher mortality rate. People who fall into deep comas due to brain injuries have a 76% chance of succumbing to their wounds. 


An experienced traumatic injury attorney will launch an investigation into your case, and recreate the circumstances that led to the injury as part of your claim. Additionally, you’ll undergo EEG examinations using modern imaging technology to illustrate the severity of the injury. 

According to the CDC, firearms are the most dangerous and common cause of head injury related fatalities. 

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