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Helping your child recover from illness or injury

Don’t deal with the fallout of an injury to your child(ren) alone. Our compassionate attorneys will do Right By You, fighting for your child’s right to a healthy life and proper compensation. Simply call 888-HAWKLAW or talk to us using our live chat and our team will get to work.
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HawkLaw’s child injury lawyers understand how you feel and stand behind your right to a proper claim 

All children deserve to be safe and to live full lives. But, sometimes, tragedy can befall the family when your child’s innocence is impacted by an unexpected injury. It then falls to the family to deal with the aftermath, which includes arranging for proper treatment to heal from the injury. 

If someone else’s negligence is responsible for your child’s injury, you should not have to pay for the medical treatments alone. That’s why our dedicated child injury attorneys work tirelessly to fight on your behalf for the compensation you deserve to receive. 

HawkLaw’s 'Right By You' child injury legal process:

1. Talk to Us

Call 888-HAWKLAW or talk to us via live chat and we’ll get to work right away. You take care of you and we’ll take care of the rest.

2. Building Your Case

Following our initial meeting, we’ll launch an investigation into how the injury occurred and assemble paperwork to help prove your case. As a digital-first law firm, you’ll be able to check in on our findings and see how your case is progressing.

3. Initial negotiations

Once we have what we need to build a case for your claim, we will contact the insurance company or at-fault party and attempt to negotiate a fair and just compensation for your injuries. Our goal is to do Right By You and agree on a fair and just settlement for your damages, pain, and suffering. If an acceptable settlement can’t be reached, a HawkLaw trial lawyer will advise you about the option of going to court.


Why Choose HawkLaw’s Child Injury lawyers 

You protect your children, and we protect your interests. HawkLaw’s team of dedicated child injury attorneys understand the unique challenges that arise from child injuries. Your child may not only face illness or injury, but there could be long-term implications that follow your child into adulthood. 

We want you to know that you don’t have to deal with this trauma on your own. We’ll work tirelessly to earn fair and just compensation from the party or parties responsible for your child’s injury. As a digital-first law firm, you can get your case initiated immediately so we can start doing Right By You. Just fill out our Instant Access form, and you will have access to an experienced lawyer any time, day or night.  

Time limits for a Child Injury Case 

If your child has been injured, you may be concerned about their time limits to act on a lawsuit. While there are time limits to file personal injury claims, those limitations are less of a concern when your child remains underage.

 The clock to file a claim doesn’t begin immediately after the accident. Rather, the time limit won’t start until your child is 18 and able to file for themselves. However, as the parent, you have a right to file a claim immediately to fight for compensation to cover medical bills and expenses due to the accident. 


What kind of compensation can you claim? 

Medical expenses

Under South Carolina law, you can make a claim for any medical bill incurred to treat your child’s injury or illness. Insurers may try to convince you that you can only recover co-pays for the treatment, but you’re entitled to full compensation. 

Lost quality of life

If the injury leaves debilitating permanent injuries that impact your child’s quality of life, you can make a claim to compensate for the limited abilities your child will have to make a living in the future. 

Mental Impairment

Should the injury be responsible for permanent mental disabilities, you have the right to compensation in support of the mental disability inflicted on your child. 

Psychological issues

In addition to physical and mental scars, a child’s injury could cause psychological damage as a result of any abnormalities caused by the injury. You can file a claim to cover these types of losses. 

Common FAQs

Parents are able to file a claim on their child’s behalf under South Carolina law. However, the parents are not typically compensated for missing work if they make a claim. 

Under South Carolina law, there is a maximum $5,000 liability for parents in the event their child’s injury causes damage to another person’s property. The homeowner of the damaged property could, theoretically, file a claim for damages to their home if they exceed $5,000, and receive a $5,000 payment from the parent in the event that claim is won in court. 

If you suspect a daycare’s negligence caused your child’s injury, you can build a case provided you can prove the daycare failed to uphold a duty of care. The type of injury and the events that conspired to cause the injury will help you and your lawyer determine if the duty of care failed to be met.