The South Carolina workers’ compensation system serves to protect employees in the event of an injurious, on-the-job accident. Workers’ comp laws create a fast and easy way for employees to collect payment for medical care relating to workplace injuries. The goal of workers’ compensation is to save workers the hassle of a civil lawsuit, and for the most part, it is successful. In many cases, however, the system fails injured employees, trapping them in red tape and effectively denying compensation for legitimate medical costs. In these situations, seek an experienced Charleston workers’ compensation lawyer for assistance. Our office is located in Mt. Pleasant and serves all of Charleston, Berkeley, and Dorchester counties.

Frequently Asked Questions About Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation is a complicated system, with many regulations and stipulations an injured employee must navigate through before receiving benefits. Understanding how the system works, including which injuries qualify for workers’ comp and how to apply for benefits, can help employees protect their rights under South Carolina law. Here are five frequently asked questions the accident attorneys at HawkLaw receive from Charleston workers, and our answers:

  1. What injuries qualify for workers’ comp? In general, workers’ compensation will cover any injury that occurs while performing job-related tasks, no matter the nature or circumstances. This includes work-related car accidents, slips and falls, equipment-related injuries, and illnesses stemming from workplace materials and substances.
  2. How do I report a workplace injury? Directly after a work-related personal injury, report the incident to your employer. Request medical attention for your injuries if necessary. Employees who fail to report injuries to employers within 90 days of the accident risk losing their right to benefits. Your employer should report your accident.
  3. What does workers’ compensation cover? Workers’ compensation covers all medical costs relating to a workplace accident, including surgeries, hospitalizations, prosthetic devices, prescriptions, and medical supplies. It will also cover missed wages at a rate of 66 and 2/3 percent of the worker’s average weekly wage if the worker is out of work for at least seven days.
  4. My workplace accident left me permanently disabled. Now what? If a workplace accident leaves you with “permanent and total” disability, workers’ compensation in SC entitles you to lifetime medical benefits and 500 weeks of wage benefits.
  5. When do I need to file a workers’ comp claim with the courts? You may need a lawyer’s help with your workers’ comp claim if your employer fails to report your accident, denies your injury, or if you think you did not receive your full benefits. An attorney can help you file a claim with the SC Workers’ Compensation Commission and go through hearings with your employer if necessary.

Attempting to file a complex workers’ compensation claim without the help of a legal professional can lead to missed deadlines, denied applications, and failure to receive the benefits you need for recovery. Protect your rights as an injured American worker by retaining a Charleston workers’ compensation lawyer during the filing process.

Seek Legal Help for Workers’ Compensation Disputes

There are some instances when companies contest liability for a workers’ compensation claim. A company may allege the injured worker was not performing job-related tasks at the time of injury or that his/her own negligence contributed to the accident. In these situations, a legal advocate in Charleston can help. If you know you should be eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits, do not let bureaucracy get in your way. Hire an attorney in Charleston to represent you.

An attorney can level the playing field between you and your employer during a dispute and increase your chances of a satisfactory outcome. If you are dealing with a complicated workers’ compensation claim for yourself or the on-the-job wrongful death of a loved one, please contact HawkLaw. We can help you understand your rights during a free consultation. Call us in Mount Pleasant today! 843-737-9356


“Three years ago I could not have imagined how my life would change due to an on the job injury and surgery that would follow, calling it traumatic would have been an understatement. HawkLaw immediately made me realize that I was not alone. John and his staff worked on every issue involved with my case. Their diligent work and caring attitude was always evident on the phone or in person.”


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