Car Accident at Work in Charleston

When you’re involved in a car accident, you can always expect it to be scary, overwhelming, and expensive. Now, however, you might have been involved in a car accident at work in Charleston, so what’s next?

A car crash at work is a little more complex than a crash after hours, so you’ll need help getting your damages covered. That means you’ll need a Charleston lawyer from HawkLaw, PA to fight for you. Get the answers and the help you need for full compensation before you begin.

Who’s Liable?

The most complex question for work accident claims like car accidents is, “Who’s responsible for the bills?” In most auto accidents, the fault would be on the person who caused the accident. Work accidents, however, don’t work that way.

If you were involved in a work accident of any kind, you should be eligible for workers comp benefits. Employers are responsible for their employees’ actions and injuries, so they should cover all the expenses and losses you’ve suffered in the accident, including lost wages. You don’t have to worry about who’s responsible because your employer’s insurer should pay regardless.

Keep in mind, though, that if you weren’t driving for work, you might not receive workers comp just for being on the clock. For example, a taxi driver injured on the job may receive compensation. An employee leaving for lunch likely won’t be covered and will need to file an injury claim instead of a work comp claim.

Compensation for Your Work Accident

Once you’ve determined whether your accident is covered by your employer, you’ll need to fight for the full compensation you deserve. Your work comp benefits will make a difference to your recovery, since the strain of your lost wages can leave you distracted from your health. Instead, you’ll need to fight for the full benefits you deserve.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident at work, be sure that you’re getting the right benefits for you and your family. The workers comp benefits below can help you or surviving family members recover after an accident in Charleston:

  • Current and future medical care
  • Wage replacement
  • Death benefits for family members

Get Help after Your Charleston Car Accident

Unfortunately, a car crash isn’t an easy event to overcome. When you’re dealing with a car accident at work, it can be complex and exhausting. Fortunately, you don’t have to figure out your claim alone.

Instead, get a Charleston lawyer’s help. At HawkLaw, PA, we have the tools you need to overcome a work accident and get the full workers comp benefits you should receive. If you’re not eligible for these benefits, we’ll fight back to help ensure you get the full compensation you deserve.

Get the help you need with an auto wreck by reaching out for a free case review. When you’re ready to begin, give us a call at 1-888-HAWK-LAW (429-5529) or fill out the online form below.