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South Carolina
Sexual Abuse
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South Carolina Sexual Abuse Lawyer

If you’ve suffered from sexual abuse, you may have grounds for a lawsuit. Your South Carolina lawyer can help you seek justice from the responsible party and get the closure you need.

Suffering because of another person’s actions is already a difficult, painful situation. When that person intentionally committed sexual abuse, it can leave you dealing with the trauma for years after the abuse. Worse, you might be concerned that your abuser isn’t suffering consequences for their actions.

That’s why you may need a South Carolina sexual abuse lawyer on your side. Our lawyers at HawkLaw, PA understand that your claim could be difficult to face, so we want to offer the guidance and care you need to recover.

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Sex Abuse: Criminal Charges or Civil Claim?

When dealing with sexual abuse claims, there’s a chance that you’re dealing with both the criminal charges you could press as well as the civil lawsuit you could sue for. You should also be protected from your abuser in both cases. So, what’s the difference?

Typically, the criminal trial should be completed first. If your civil claim has started, it may be paused until the criminal trial is over. During the criminal trial, you won’t receive compensation. Instead, the abuser will face consequences like fines, imprisonment, and other restrictions if they’re convicted.

Even if they’re not convicted, though, you may still seek compensation through a lawsuit in South Carolina. A lawsuit gives you the chance to seek funds for your losses because of their actions. While it may not leave them with other penalties, you may be able to seek compensation that can help you overcome the suffering you’ve experienced.

Compensation for South Carolina Sexual Abuse Victims

When you’re injured by a sexual abuser, getting compensation for your losses can be vital to your recovery. They can give you the closure and justice you’re seeking after your abuse. That’s why you need to know the full worth of your claim before you get started.

First, you might consider your financial losses. These cover the costs you might have otherwise paid for out of pocket. For example, medical treatment, missing work, and property damage may all be recovered for your claim.

You may also be due compensation for your mental and emotional losses. These non-economic damages can be harder to calculate, though, since they’re based on the impact on your life. You may need a sexual abuse attorney to help you calculate the value of each of your damages in South Carolina.

Reach Out to a South Carolina Sex Abuse Attorney

Sexual abuse is an overwhelming, painful experience to recover from, and you may already feel devastated. That makes it tougher to overcome your suffering and seek compensation in South Carolina court.

However, you do have the option to overcome your suffering. Seek out a South Carolina lawyer from HawkLaw, PA who can guide you through your abuse claim. We can even start with a free consultation,* where we can discuss what you need to know about your claim before you agree to work with our firm.

Your South Carolina sexual abuse lawyer may be able to help, so seek us out by calling 1-888-HAWK-LAW (429-5529) or by filling out the online contact form below.

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