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Pedestrian Accidents
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Columbia Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

If you’ve been hit by a driver while on a walk, you may be owed compensation for your injuries. Reach out to a pedestrian injury lawyer in Columbia to seek your compensation.

A nice walk is good for you, and it can help save gas and money by avoiding a car. But there’s also a downside to walking. Drivers may not be paying attention to walkers like you, which means you’re at risk of being hit by a careless driver

If you’ve been injured as a pedestrian in Columbia, you may need help from a lawyer, like the ones at HawkLaw, PA. We know how devastating and even lethal being hit by a car can be, and your Columbia pedestrian accident lawyer can give you the guidance you need after your accident. 

Common Injuries in a Pedestrian Accident

As a pedestrian, you’re more vulnerable to vehicles. You have no protection between you and the car, and they’re moving at much higher speeds than you are. Even if you see the car coming, you may not have time to move before you’re struck or clipped. 

Some injuries are also unique to pedestrian accidents, and they can do a lot of damage. For example, if you’re hit by a car, you might suffer pelvic injuries from the impact of the car to your pelvis. Because of the way these fractures happen, you might suffer complex organ damage, bone fractures, and bleeding, which could require multiple surgeries to repair. 

If you suffered any of the following injuries, among others, you may be eligible for compensation in Columbia, South Carolina: 

Filing an Injury Lawsuit in Columbia 

After a pedestrian accident, you may need compensation that covers your losses. Unfortunately, you might not be sure how to file a lawsuit and what your claim is worth. Worse, it’s easy to lose your compensation if you take part of the blame for your injuries. 

That’s where a Columbia pedestrian crash attorney can help. We understand that you’re dealing with devastating injuries, which get expensive quickly. We also understand that your compensation could be reduced or dismissed if you don’t fight back. 

Your lawyer can take many of these steps for you. We have the tools to calculate the value of your losses, and we have the experience to build a defense for your unique claim. 

Seek Out a Columbia Pedestrian Injury Attorney

If you’ve been injured while out on a walk in Columbia, you might be devastated by the injuries and suffering you’ve experienced. Worse, you may be struggling to get answers from the responsible party, not to mention the compensation you need for your losses. 

If you’ve been hurt by a driver as a pedestrian, a lawyer from HawkLaw, PA can help you recover. We offer free consultations,* which means we can talk to you about your legal options before you decide to work with us on your injury lawsuit

When you’re ready, call a Columbia pedestrian accident lawyer at 1-888-HAWK-LAW (429-5529) or complete the online form below to get started.