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Can I Get Workers Comp Benefits for Hearing Loss?

Written by John D. Hawkins on . Posted in .
Losing your hearing means missing out on a lot of life events. Your child’s recitals, your favorite bands, and even the simple pleasure of hearing your spouse’s voice may be lost without your hearing. Worse, you did what you could to protect your hearing, but your job caused the damage.  The question is, are South Carolina workers comp insurers required to cover hearing loss? You need those benefits to cover your bills to maintain or repair your hearing, when possible, as well as making up for the losses you’ve suffered. If you’re having trouble getting workers comp benefits for hearing loss, you may need to seek your benefits with the hel…

Can an Employee on South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Be Terminated?

Written by John D. Hawkins on . Posted in .
After a serious work accident, it can feel like your job is on the line. You’re unable to work, so why should they keep you on the payroll? Many workers are concerned that they could lose their jobs for reporting a work accident. That’s especially true if the workplace is unsafe and not up to standard.  Can you, as an employee, on South Carolina workers comp be terminated? If you’re concerned about keeping your job and your benefits, the following is what you need to know about your workers comp situation.  You Can’t Be Fired for Filing a Claim First, your rights as an employee protect you from being fired for filing a claim. South Carolin…

Independent Contractor vs. Employee: It Matters for Your SC Work Comp Claim

Written by John D. Hawkins on . Posted in .
After a work-related injury, you might need compensation to recover. Your medical treatment likely won’t be cheap, and you may not be able to return to work right away. However, you might be concerned because your employer claims that you’re an independent contractor. Whether you’re being called an independent contractor or an employee, it matters for your South Carolina work comp claim. Your chances for compensation could be affected by how your employer labels you. You may need to reach out to an attorney about your claim if your employer isn’t calling you a traditional employee. Eligibility for a South Carolina Work Comp Claim If you’…

What to Do about a Workers Comp Denial in South Carolina

Written by John D. Hawkins on . Posted in .
When you file your South Carolina workers compensation claim, you want the full benefits you need to help you overcome your injuries. Unfortunately, your recovery isn’t always so easy. Instead, you might have found a denial waiting for you. Dealing with a work comp denial can be difficult, but you’ll have a chance to take action on behalf of your claim. However, you may not know how to successfully approach a workers comp denial in South Carolina. If you’re not familiar with the laws and details of your denial, you may be stumped on how to proceed. Fortunately, you’ll have a chance to look into your denial and work to get the full benefi…

Which Illnesses Are Covered by Workers Comp in South Carolina?

Written by John D. Hawkins on . Posted in .
Dealing with a major injury that occurred at work is already difficult. Unfortunately, you might instead be suffering from a work-related illness, which may be difficult to overcome. Now, you’ll need to know what to expect from your case, starting with questions like, “Which illnesses are covered by workers comp in South Carolina?” If your illness is not covered, you could be left dealing with the bill. If it is covered, though, you’ll need to figure out how to get coverage for your treatment. Fortunately, a lawyer from HawkLaw, PA can help you get the answers you need about your work illness. With a workman’s comp attorney on your side,…

How Are South Carolina Workers Comp Disputes Resolved?

Written by John D. Hawkins on . Posted in .
After an injury, you’ll need to seek compensation as soon as possible for your suffering. The debt following a work accident can be devastating, and you and your family don’t need that stress. Fortunately, your workers comp should cover you, right? Unfortunately, your employer might dispute your claim. They may say you weren’t injured at work, that you didn’t file on time, or that your injuries didn’t meet the definitions set by the state of South Carolina. They may claim you’re ineligible, and if so, you’ll need to fight back for your compensation. So, how are South Carolina workers comp disputes resolved? Fortunately, you can fight bac…

How to Resolve a South Carolina Work Comp Dispute

Written by John D. Hawkins on . Posted in .
When you’re injured in a work accident in South Carolina, your first move will likely be to report your injury and seek workers compensation benefits. Unfortunately, you might not receive those benefits right away. Your employer or insurance company might dispute your claim and fight back. When this happens, you’ll need to resolve that dispute as soon as possible. Fortunately, our attorneys can help you when you’re not sure how to resolve a South Carolina work comp dispute. We’ll guide you through the steps after you’re initially denied.   Informal Conferences Your first step toward your workers comp benefit may be to simply discuss the …

Injured at Work: Work Comp or Personal Injury?

Written by John D. Hawkins on . Posted in .
When a serious accident happens at work and you’re left with serious injuries, you need help. There are a few ways to get the compensation you need, but which way is right for you? Many injured South Carolina workers aren’t sure whether they should pursue workers compensation benefits or file a personal injury lawsuit. Without legal guidance, it’s tough to be sure which route you should take. If you’re not sure whether your case counts as personal injury or workers comp, you’ll need to look closely at your situation. Your employer and the cause of the accident may make a big difference. Fortunately, a qualified lawyer can advise you. Wh…

How Long Will My SC Workers’ Compensation Last After A Work Injury?

Written by John D. Hawkins on . Posted in .
Workers’ compensation is an excellent resource for injured employees in South Carolina. Injured workers can receive monetary benefits for their lost wages, medical bills, and disability without having to prove fault after a work-related accident. The design of workers’ compensation makes it so that injured employees receive benefits as long as they need to, until they can return to work. Find out how long your workers’ comp benefits might last after a recent work injury. What are the Different Types of Workers’ Compensation Payments? If you qualify to receive workers’ compensation benefits, you will receive a check from the South Carolina …

What Worker’s Comp Will Cover & How to Maximize Compensation

Written by John D. Hawkins on . Posted in .
In South Carolina, most employers must carry a minimum amount of compensation to cover employees in the event of injury. Our state worker’s compensation laws apply to most full-time, part-time, and seasonal employees. An employer with four or more employees must pay for injuries if an employee cannot work for over seven days due to a workplace-related injury or illness. Benefits of Worker’s Compensation in South Carolina After a workplace accident, many employees wonder about their benefits. Worker’s compensation insurance offers a variety of benefits to help injured workers cope with injuries or illnesses, but it does not fully compensate…
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