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Common on the Job Injuries Workers Sustain in South Carolina

Written by John D. Hawkins on . Posted in .
Workplace injuries are more common than people think. They happen every day all over the country. In South Carolina, a total of 2.1 employer-related injuries occurred per 100 workers in 2020, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Over half of those injuries happened in the trades: transportation industry, utility workers, education, or health services. Workers’ compensation insurance exists to cover your medical expenses, and part of your lost wages help you make ends meet when you are hurt on the job. Still, all too often, the insurance company denies workers compensation claims. At HawkLaw, P.A., we have experience helping …

If I Am Receiving Workers’ Comp Can I Quit My Job?

Written by John D. Hawkins on . Posted in .
Getting injured at work can be a very frightening experience, and working through the workers’ compensation process can be extremely frustrating. Even if you are getting regular benefits, the period you need to wait to return to work can be a challenging time. Suffering from a work injury can feel like you have put your whole life on hold while you collect benefits. In some serious cases, you may not be able to return to the job you held before the injury. In those situations, quitting your current job and moving on may come to mind — but is that a good idea? Is quitting while on work comp really an option? Maybe not. If you have been inj…

Guide to Appealing a Workers’ Comp Decision

Written by John D. Hawkins on . Posted in .
If you were hurt on the job, chances are you will want to file a workers’ compensation claim if you have not already. It is important to get the process moving as quickly as possible to get the compensation you need to cover your medical costs and loss of wages. Unfortunately, workers’ compensation claims often do not favor the claimant. When workers’ comp claims receive denials, it leaves the worker suffering from the injury without compensation. Received a denial of your claim and need help appealing the decision and presenting new evidence? Contact the experienced workers’ compensation lawyers at HawkLaw, P.A. Our personal injury lawyer…

Will My Physical Therapy Be Covered by Workers’ Comp?

Written by John D. Hawkins on . Posted in .
Incurring an injury from work is painful enough. Knowing that you need to rehabilitate the injured body part can be debilitating to your spirit. What can also bring you down is if your injury needs physical therapy and you are unsure if your workers’ comp will cover these needs. Are you wondering if you can receive PT under your coverage? Did your employer deny your workers’ comp claim for PT coverage? Continue reading to see if you might be covered and when to involve a South Carolina workers’ compensation attorney. What Medical Benefits Are Under Workers’ Compensation? Knowing what your workers’ compensation benefits include will be cru…

Does Workers’ Compensation Cover My Workplace Injury?

Written by John D. Hawkins on . Posted in .
If you suffer a work-related injury, it can be easy to dismiss the severity. However, paying out of pocket for future surgeries could cost you tens — or even hundreds — of thousands of dollars, which your health insurance may not cover. It can become even more complicated if you are self-insured. It is vital that you do not settle your workers’ comp claim until you are certain that all the medical procedures you need will be covered. It is not unusual for an adjuster to offer a very low settlement amount that can leave injured workers in the cold when they need it the most. If you are having trouble reaching a satisfactory workers’ comp se…

How To Determine Permanent Disability In Workers Comp

Written by John D. Hawkins on . Posted in .
A work-related injury that leaves someone permanently disabled is more common than you think. In 2021, almost 8 million people across the United States received permanent disability benefits and payments from workers’ compensation, Social Security, or the like. More than a half million recipients of disability benefits that year were new applicants. If you are left with a permanent personal injury that affects your ability to work, whether it is total disability or permanent partial disability, workers’ compensation insurance is supposed to cover you. Unfortunately, the insurance company will look for reasons to avoid paying your long-term…

What to Expect at a Workers’ Comp Hearing

Written by John D. Hawkins on . Posted in .
You have filed for workers’ compensation benefits in South Carolina only to have your claim denied. To receive benefits, you need to appeal the decision, which means you have to spend time negotiating with your employer and perhaps even attend a workers’ compensation hearing. For many injured workers, navigating the appeals process while recovering from injuries is too stressful. However, no one has to go it alone. An attorney is only as strong as their reputation. In 25 years, we have recovered more than $200 million for our clients. If you need a law firm that fights to win maximum compensation, keep reading to learn our process. When W…

What Are the Different Types of Workers Comp Cases?

Written by John D. Hawkins on . Posted in .
Injured workers in South Carolina count on workers’ compensation to help pay for medical bills and lost wages. They rely on the workers’ compensation system because that is what it should do — when you get hurt at work in South Carolina, you should be able to get workers’ compensation benefits. However, actually getting benefits can be complicated and overwhelming. You might not know what rights you have or what you should do next after you experience a work injury. The best way to learn what you should do is to talk with a South Carolina workers’ compensation lawyer. It can be tempting to just take what your employer or its insurance comp…

When Does my Workers’ Comp Claim Need to be Filed?

Written by John D. Hawkins on . Posted in .
Workers’ compensation benefits are in place to protect almost all workers in South Carolina. Unfortunately, far too many people procrastinate when filing workers’ compensation cases after a work-related injury because they think they have plenty of time. This leads to many injured workers having their claims denied by their employer’s insurance company when they miss an important deadline. It is essential if you are an injured employee to file your workers’ compensation claim as soon as possible after your workplace injury. If you are not sure about the next steps to take, a qualified and experienced workers’ compensation lawyer can provid…

I Got COVID-19 At Work. Can I File for Work Comp Benefits?

Written by John D. Hawkins on . Posted in .
In the last week of August 2022, more than 12,000 reported cases of COVID-19 were reported throughout South Carolina. This was an increase from the previous week at 10,000 reported cases. Tragically, more than 18,000 South Carolinians have lost their lives due to coronavirus. Many of these deaths came from the frontlines with healthcare workers, essential workers, and first responders. Statistics show COVID-19 is still prevalent in our state, and many infected South Carolinians are left to wonder if they can file for workers’ comp. Get in touch with the passionate workers’ comp attorneys at HawkLaw, P.A. to see how we can help. Call our la…
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