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When a Dog Bites a Groomer Who is Liable?

Written by John D. Hawkins on . Posted in .
More than 800 million people in the U.S. receive medical attention for dog bites. South Carolina is one of the few states exempt from the one-bite rule, meaning owners are liable even when their dog has no prior history of violence. However, there may be some exemptions to this liability that you need to know. If another person’s dog bites you in South Carolina, learn how the personal injury lawyers at HawkLaw, P.A. can help you receive compensation. Do not wait to file your case. Call our office today at 888-HAWKLAW to set up a free consultation*. What Are the Dog Bite Laws in South Carolina? South Carolina is serious regarding dog bite …

I Have Permanent Scarring From a Dog Attack

Written by John D. Hawkins on . Posted in .
More than 800,000 people receive medical attention for dog bites, according to the CDC. A particularly nasty dog bite can leave lasting damage, especially if the victim is a small child. Some of the most common injuries from dog bites include lacerations, puncture wounds, disfiguring scars, and even eye injuries. HawkLaw, P.A. is here to assist you if you or your child suffers a dog bite at the hands of a negligent owner. Learn how you can get compensated for your injuries by calling 888.HAWK.LAW and scheduling a free case evaluation.* Understanding South Carolina Dog Bite Laws South Carolina, unlike most other states, does not follow the…

Dog Owners’ Obligations in South Carolina

Written by John D. Hawkins on . Posted in .
Dog ownership across the United States rises every year, bringing a level of responsibility all dog owners need to be aware of and adhere to as long as they own their dogs. Within South Carolina alone, a dog owner has specific obligations, particularly regarding their dog’s interaction with other people. The state firmly backs this up by enforcing its own set of South Carolina dog laws. Dogs are undeniably often referred to as “man’s best friend,” but that doesn’t negate the reality of dog attacks occurring. Unfortunately, some of these dogs are a true threat to overall public safety, According to the annual data compiled by the American V…

What are the Best Things to Do with Your Dog in Charleston?

Written by John D. Hawkins on . Posted in .
Charleston and Mount Pleasant love Fido – as proven by the abundance of dog-friendly parks, cafes, establishments, and events in these cities. If you’re a dog lover and want to bring your pet along on local adventures, you generally have the freedom to do so. Some places are extra-friendly to dogs, or offer especially fun experiences. Next time you’re planning where to bring man’s best friend, try one of these best things to do with your dog in Charleston and Mount Pleasant. #1. Eat at Dog-Friendly Restaurants There are tons of dog-friendly restaurants in Charleston and Mount Pleasant. Go to downtown Charleston for one hotspot that’s parti…
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