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Dangerous Intersections in Charleston, SC

Posted in Car Accidents on August 19, 2019

When you’re on the road, intersections can be some of the toughest areas to navigate. You’re encountering other drivers traveling in other directions, which makes it tough to travel safely. That’s especially true in places that need more safety measures.  If you’re concerned about your safety while on the road, watch out for these dangerous… read more

Can I Sue after Being Hit by a Drunk Driver?

Posted in Car Accidents on June 28, 2019

It’s unfortunate, but some drivers aren’t concerned with the safety of others. Instead, they may take risks, like driving under the influence of alcohol. Unfortunately, that means that you may have been in a serious car accident because they were especially negligent.  Now, they’re facing criminal charges, which leaves you asking, “Can I sue after… read more

Can I File a Lawsuit against Uber after an Accident?

Posted in Car Accidents on February 15, 2019

Most of us have used a rideshare driver’s services at one point or another, and there is a reason that ridesharing is so popular. It is a relatively inexpensive mode of transportation, and it’s easy, fast, and, in most cases, safe. Unfortunately, even the safest driver can make mistakes that cause accidents and injuries for… read more

Important South Carolina Laws for Car Accident Claims

Posted in Car Accidents on June 28, 2018

While we all do our best to avoid accidents, all it takes is one reckless driver for you to end up with high bills and severe injuries. That’s an unfortunate situation to be stuck in, but you’ll have the option to fight back. When you’re injured in an auto wreck, you can file a claim… read more

What if I’m Injured by an Elderly Person in a Car Accident?

Posted in Car Accidents on March 29, 2018

Baby boomers are an aging generation and live active lifestyles that include driving. According to the reported South Carolina population as of 2016, 16.7% of the population is aged 65+ and many of these citizens currently have active SC drivers’ licenses. While age is not an indicator of an individual’s driving ability, the effects that… read more

What Are the Worst Intersections in Charleston? Some Top Reasons Why

Posted in Car Accidents on January 25, 2018

Intersections are inherently dangerous, even at their best. At their worst, they can be the setting of dozens of serious and fatal collisions each year. As many local drivers may have discovered, Charleston has a few such intersections. According to the National Coalition for Safer Roads, 13 of the most dangerous intersections in the country… read more

Holiday Fatalities in South Carolina

Posted in Car Accidents on August 9, 2017

Holidays are frequently the most popular times to travel in the United States. In 2016, the Automobile Association of America (AAA) estimated that 232.7 million people traveled 50 miles or more during major holidays. Of those, nearly 89% (207.1 million) traveled by car. Busy roads increase the chances of catastrophe, and holidays can make that… read more

Understanding Modified Comparative Negligence in South Carolina

Posted in Car Accidents on January 27, 2017

Since 1991, the case Nelson vs. Concrete Supply Co. 303 S.C. 243, 399 S.E.2d 783 (1991), South Carolina has recognized a modified comparative negligence rule in civil claims. Under the modified comparative negligence rule, an individual will face liability for his or her percentage of liability in an accident claim. The rule ultimately determines the… read more

7 Top Things to Collect After a Car Accident in South Carolina

Posted in Car Accidents on January 27, 2017

One minute you’re driving along I-95, I-77, or a local highway and the next minute your vehicle sits crossways in an intersection – accidents happen fast. In the aftermath, drivers often forget to keep track of crucial information that may protect them later. Print this checklist and keep it in your glovebox. After a car… read more