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South Carolina Child Injury Lawyer

At HawkLaw, we sincerely hope we don’t see you in our Spartanburg, Greenville, or Charleston, South Carolina, offices because of injuries to your child. If this unfortunate situation is your family’s reality, however, we’re here to provide you with the most experienced legal counsel available. Accidents involving children are especially traumatic, as they can leave children with long-lasting psychological effects. If your child was injured at school, on a playground, or at a private residence, learn your rights and responsibilities as a parent in South Carolina.

Common Causes of Child Injury

While not every bump and bruise is grounds for a lawsuit, there are many situations where you’re perfectly within your rights to seek compensation for your child’s injuries. To protect your child’s rights best, find out which types of accidents involve personal injury law. The facets of law that commonly come into play when dealing with injuries to children include:

  • Product liability. Defective toys or children’s products often cause injuries due to manufacturer error, design flaws, or improper labeling. If a toy’s battery pack catches on fire when left in the sun, for example, it’s a dangerous design flaw.
  • Premises liability. These laws protect children more than they protect other visitors on a property. Even if a child is trespassing on someone else’s property, the property owner has a legal obligation to provide reasonably safe premises. If a trespassing child fell into an unsecured pool, the courts would still hold the property owner liable for injuries.
  • Negligent supervision. Playground injuries and accidents that occur at school or in a daycare commonly result from negligent supervision. It’s a caregiver’s responsibility to adequately watch children and prevent injuries. A parent can even sue a negligent babysitter for failing to watch a child on private property.
  • Assaults and abuse. Sadly, children are victims of acts of violence. If your child has suffered assaults or child abuse in any form, several laws can make the perpetrator pay for his/her actions. If a teacher assaults a student, parents may have grounds to sue the school or district for negligence.

Regardless of the cause of your child’s injuries, contact a qualified South Carolina child injury lawyer right away. The sooner you consult with a South Carolina child injury lawyer about your case, the faster you and your child can move on from a traumatic accident.

Who is Liable?

When a child sustains an injury, it can be difficult to understand who is responsible. Every case will have a different defendant and sometimes multiple defendants. Speaking with an attorney is the best way to name the defendant(s) and initiate your case. In a product liability accident, the manufacturer or distributor may be at fault for injuries. In a negligent supervision case, the defendant might be a babysitter or school district. When you trust HawkLaw with your case, we’ll send our team of investigators to the location of the accident to discover who was responsible for your child’s injury.

Once you name the defendant, your attorney will file a claim with the civil courts. Your claim will describe your child’s accident and damages, name the alleged defendant, and state how much you’re demanding in compensation. The defendant will respond to your claim, after which the discovery period will begin. After both parties learn as much as possible about your child’s accident, it will move to mediation. If your case has to go to trial, we have the resources and courtroom experience to negotiate to your best interests. Call 888-HAWKLAW to set up your free consultation* today.