Workers Comp Lawyer Serving Myrtle Beach

If you’re injured at work, don’t suffer alone. Instead, seek out the help of a workers comp lawyer who serves Myrtle Beach to get compensation for your injuries.

When you’re hurt in a work accident, your recovery might be difficult and a little confusing. You’ll need to know what your workers compensation benefits cover, but you may have some trouble getting that information. For example, nontraditional workplaces may not have a break room (where work comp posters are typically displayed), and you may have trouble getting answers from your employer.

If you’re having trouble getting a work comp settlement, speak to your lawyer at Hawklaw, PA. You deserve your full benefits, and your workers comp lawyer serving Myrtle Beach can help you overcome your accident by claiming those benefits.

Myrtle Beach cases are primarily handled out of our Charleston office.

Benefits for Myrtle Beach Workers

When you’re injured on the job, you’ll need to determine what your work comp claim is worth. You’ll need compensation that covers all the losses you’ve suffered because of your work accident.

Typically, that first means medical care coverage. You shouldn’t have to pay out of pocket for your work injury, and that coverage can help your recovery. When you’re not worrying about how you’ll pay for the care you need, you can focus on healing.

You should also receive compensation that covers a part of the wages you’ve lost while unable to work. The amount will depend on whether you’re completely unable to work or able to commit to “light duty” while you heal. Fortunately, this coverage can take some of the financial pressure off you while you heal.

Dealing with a South Carolina Work Comp Denial

Unfortunately, while you may have completed all the right steps for your claim, you may have still received a denial letter. That can be an upsetting discovery, and you may be thinking about how you’ll pay for treatment while you’re unable to work.

Fortunately, your attorney who serves Myrtle Beach can step in to help. They can help you fight back and present your request for benefits before the South  Carolina  Workers’ Compensation  Commission when you’ve been denied. When the insurance provider denies your claim, you’ll need to contest that denial in a hearing.

There, your case will be reviewed, and the workers compensation commission will decide whether to uphold the decision or offer you workers comp benefits. It can be tough to provide the right evidence and fight back for your case, but your attorney can help. Your work comp attorney who takes cases in Myrtle Beach can review the accident, find evidence for your claim, and fight for you while your case is under review.

Speak to a Workers Comp Lawyer Who Serves Myrtle Beach

When you’ve suffered through a work accident, you’ll need help getting the full compensation you deserve after your accident. Fortunately, your attorney from HawkLaw, PA will have the experience and the tools you need to recover.

If you’re struggling to get your full workers comp benefits, reach out for the help you need, starting with a free consultation.* We’ll make sure you understand what we can do for your claim before you sign anything.

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