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Personal Injury
HawkLaw Fights for Myrtle Beach
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Personal Injury Lawyer Serving Myrtle Beach

If you’ve suffered because of someone else’s carelessness, you’ll need help getting your health and security back. If you’re struggling in the wake of a personal injury, speak to an attorney who serves Myrtle Beach for the help you need settling your claim.

When you’re in Myrtle Beach, there are plenty of ways to get out and enjoy the city. Whether you’re more interested in historic sites like Atalaya Castle, or whether you’d rather spend the day at Pavilion Nostalgia Park, you have options for getting out in the city.

Unfortunately, that means you’ll be exposed to more options for injury. Even a day inside can’t protect residents from other people’s carelessness, sadly. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll have to deal with your claim alone.

Instead, reach out to a personal injury lawyer serving Myrtle Beach. The attorneys at HawkLaw, PA can help you get the answers you need and fight back.

Myrtle Beach cases are primarily handled out of our Charleston office.

Types of Personal Injury Damages

When you’re hurt, you’ll need to know how much the responsible party should be held accountable for. That means you’ll need to seek out damages that will cover both the financial costs of your accident and the emotional toll that your injuries have left.

For example, if you slipped and fell, you may have broken your arm. That will require medical treatment, but it’s also a painful injury. That pain can make you miserable, affecting your quality of life.

Because your injuries can cause so many damages, you’ll need to understand the full worth of your damages. Speak with a lawyer if you’ve suffered any of these personal injury damages:

South Carolina Law Can Affect Your Accident Claim

Unfortunately, getting your compensation for a full recovery isn’t as simple as filing your claim and proving the other person was at fault. Instead, you’ll need to watch out for other South Carolina laws that could reduce or dismiss your claim.

For example, you’ll first need to act in time. South Carolina residents only have three years to file their claims. While that seems like plenty of time, a late response could lead to a dismissal of your personal injury claim.

You’ll also need to avoid accusations of fault. The other party will likely try to share the fault or put it all on you. If they succeed, South Carolina law dictates that your claim be reduced by the fault you’re found responsible for.

Reach Out after a Myrtle Beach Personal Injury

While you just want to recover and get your life back on track, the responsible party probably isn’t so interested in helping you. Instead, they may want to protect their funds and put the blame on you. Protect yourself by seeking out a personal injury lawyer from HawkLaw, PA.

Our attorneys understand the difficulties you’re facing, and we’ll help you fight back. Get started today with a free consultation,* and we’ll discuss your claim before you sign anything.

When you’re ready to get your claim on track, reach out to a personal injury lawyer serving Myrtle Beach by calling 1-888-HAWK-LAW (429-5529) or by filling out the online form below.

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John D. Hawkins
Founder and CEO

John Hawkins is the Founder and CEO of HawkLaw He has been licensed to practice law in South Carolina since his graduation with honors in 1994 from the University of South Carolina School of Law, where he was on the Law Review and Order of Wig and Robe.