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Construction Accidents
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Accident on the job site

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Spartanburg Construction Accident Lawyer

Injured in a construction accident? Your Spartanburg construction accident attorney can help you seek compensation to aid your recovery.

Workers are often exposed to dangerous conditions and situations that could lead to a severe injury. Repairing and building structures to be safe for everyone can be dangerous work, which means you may have been severely injured.

You may have questions based on your situation, and your Spartanburg construction accident lawyer is here to help. We understand that you’re in a tough place, so seek out help from HawkLaw, PA to get compensated through a Spartanburg personal injury lawsuit.

Types of Construction Accidents

When you’re injured in a construction accident, the damage can be severe. Construction workers use heavy machinery that can malfunction at a moment’s notice and cause severe injuries. Workers may also be working from a height, which could lead to a severe fall on some Spartanburg construction sites.

Here’s a short sample of construction accident types that could lead to a lawsuit:

  • Slip and falls
  • Falls from a height 
  • Vehicle accidents
  • Falling objects
  • Crushing injuries caused by machinery

Will My Spartanburg Workers Comp Cover My Losses?

If you’re a worker, it can be difficult to get work comp coverage, even if you’ve been working with that company for years. Although most workers are covered by workers comp benefits, you may still have some concerns about getting your compensation.

The good news is, South Carolina’s workers comp laws state that you should receive benefits as soon as possible after your loss. The goal is to minimize the amount of time you have to worry about benefits and taking care of your family.

Spartanburg Construction Accident Work Comp Denials

When your workers comp claim is denied, it can be much more difficult to get the compensation you need for your losses. Many workers even believe that’s the end of their options and stop pursuing benefits.

The truth is, a Spartanburg workers comp denial doesn’t mean your claim is done forever. It means you need to talk to a lawyer about next steps. Your Spartanburg construction accident attorney can help you gather evidence that shows you’re due compensation, and they can help you seek that compensation in court.

They can also help you if you were a Spartanburg resident passing nearby the construction zone and were hurt by the negligence of a worker. You may have been struck by falling objects, for example, or hit by a vehicle. Your construction accident lawyer will have the tools to help you deal with the aftermath of your injuries.

Connect with a Spartanburg Construction Injury Lawyer

When you’re hurt in a construction accident, you may need guidance to get compensated fairly for your losses. Your injuries could leave you with severe injuries that could make it impossible to return to work, for example, and you may need that compensation just to feed your family. But, you may have been denied workers comp, or you may struggle to get compensation for your injuries as a passer-by.

At HawkLaw, PA, we’re devoted to getting you the compensation you need, whether you’re a worker or just a resident of the city. If you’re hurt, talk to a Spartanburg construction accident lawyer during a free consultation* by calling 1-888-HAWK-LAW (429-5529) or by completing the online contact form below.

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