South Carolina’s Most Dangerous Roads

Posted in Car Accidents on February 6, 2020

When you’re on the road, you like to think everyone is paying as much attention to the roadways as you are. Unfortunately, some drivers are reckless, and road conditions can make that worse. Whether it’s sharp turns, animal crossings, or high speed limits, there’s a high possibility of being injured on one of South Carolina’s most dangerous roads. 

If you’re a frequent driver, make sure you pay special attention to the following roads. And if you find yourself suffering because of a dangerous driver, talk to a South Carolina car accident lawyer about your claim. Your attorney can help you go after compensation for the losses you’ve suffered after your car accident.

Highway 22

Some people may be surprised by the number of fatalities on Highway 22 because it’s a relatively new highway. Unfortunately, the road is one of the deadliest in the state, leading to nine fatal crashes in the past four years. That doesn’t include the non-fatal accidents that led to plenty of pain and suffering. 

The danger of this highway is in how rural it is. That means plenty of people speed on this road, which means it’s easier to lose control of your vehicle. If a deer jumps out in front of your car, it can be almost impossible to stop before an accident happens. 

Interstate 26

Along with I-20 and I-95, this interstate recently saw twenty fatal accidents. Interstates are usually filled with plenty of traffic and drivers who may not be giving the road their full attention. They may be traveling a long way, but even a commute means plenty of opportunity for distraction. Sadly, looking away from the road for even a moment can have deadly results. 

If you were injured in an interstate crash on I-26, you have a chance to sue. Our Spartanburg, South Carolina, office is located off I-26, so you can work with a nearby car accident lawyer who understands what you’re going through.