Injury at a Gamecocks Football Game: Can I File a Suit Against the School?

Posted in Premises Liability on March 29, 2018

Gamecock games and other sporting events can be dangerous for athletes and spectators. The mix of alcohol, excitable crowds, and stadium seating leads to many injuries and a few fatalities. Injuries are often due to falls or thrown objects in a stadium. Determining who is at fault for these injuries requires an in-depth look at premises liability laws and general release clauses. If you or someone you know was injured at a Gamecocks football game, read the information provided below, then contact our firm immediately for proper representation by a premises liability attorney in Charleston or throughout South Carolina.

Injuries at Sporting Events

Injuries happen at sporting events all the time. In 2012, a 20-year-old fan died during a college football game at the Georgia Dome. The individual fell from an upper level in the stadium, landing on another fan. The man on the lower level survived. At a pre-season NFL game in Houston, a fan died after a 60-foot fall from an escalator. And some injuries, including death, can happen outside of the stadium in tailgating conflicts within the parking lot, like in the altercation with an Alabama fan back in 2015.

Lesser injuries have also occurred from unruly fan activity in South Carolina, like in throwing dangerous items from the stands, like a situation with water bottles in 2017, that has a lot of potential for personal harm.

Who is responsible for these injuries? Each individual case is different. Circumstances surrounding the injuries must be considered and analyzed to determine whether the premises liability laws apply.

Premises Liability Law

Stadiums have a legal requirement to provide a safe atmosphere for fans and must make reasonable accommodations to prevent potential injuries. To file a claim under premises liability in Columbia, SC, you must prove that the stadium owner was negligent or did something wrong to cause injury. For example, if you slip and fall on a puddle of soda at Williams-Brice Stadium, premises liability laws will likely not cover your injuries. If you enter a bathroom the contains 2 inches of water from a broken pipe and slip, premises liability law may provide coverage of your injury. Legal options will always depend on circumstances of an individual situation.