Injured at Work: Work Comp or Personal Injury?

Posted in Workers Compensation on September 12, 2018

When a serious accident happens at work and you’re left with serious injuries, you need help. There are a few ways to get the compensation you need, but which way is right for you?

Many injured South Carolina workers aren’t sure whether they should pursue workers compensation benefits or file a personal injury lawsuit. Without legal guidance, it’s tough to be sure which route you should take.

If you’re not sure whether your case counts as personal injury or workers comp, you’ll need to look closely at your situation. Your employer and the cause of the accident may make a big difference. Fortunately, a qualified lawyer can advise you.

When You Should Receive Workers Comp

For most South Carolina workers, workers compensation will be the simplest way to get the compensation they need after an on-the-job injury. Because most employers in our state are required to purchase workers comp insurance, you should be able to get your benefits quickly, although insurers do commonly deny legitimate claims.

If you have workers compensation coverage, you’ll simply need to report the injury and notify your employers that you’re seeking workers compensation. They’ll contact the insurer, which will investigate your claim to determine whether you should receive compensation and how much you should receive.