How to Get an Accident Report in South Carolina

Posted in Personal Injury on February 6, 2020

One moment, you’re on the road, commuting, running some errands, or just enjoying the ride. The next, you’ve been hit by a careless driver, and now you’re suffering the consequences for their actions. 

When that happens, you need help recovering from your car accident in South Carolina. Getting a car accident report can help, but you may not be familiar with the details. What can an accident report really do for you, and how do you get one?

If you’re dealing with the aftermath of a car accident and you need help with your recovery, reach out for more information about your accident report. 

Requirements for Accident Reporting

When you’re involved in a car accident, you need to know when you’re required to report an accident. In minor crashes, you may not be required to report. 

However, in most cases, you’ll need to report your car crash, especially if anyone was injured or killed. The police will need a record of the events as they happened, so you’ll need to report that shortly after the accident. 

You’ll also need to report your accident  if the estimated damage was more than $1,000 to the vehicles. Since that amount of damage usually means you’ll be interested in filing an insurance claim or a lawsuit, a report is necessary, as you’ll want it for your claim. 

Steps to Get an Accident Report

You may have already filed your report shortly after your accident. Now, you’re accident report may come in handy as you begin your car accident lawsuit.