Can I Sue for Mishandled Coronavirus Tests?

Posted in Personal Injury on April 1, 2020

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to impact everyday life, testing becomes an important part of treatment, quarantine, and preventing new cases. You may have already been tested because you may have been exposed to a sick person, or you may be concerned about some symptoms you’ve had. Unfortunately, you may have received a mishandled or failed coronavirus test.

Can you sue for mishandled coronavirus tests in South Carolina? As the situation unfolds, you deserve to know the details of your situation and what you can do if government agencies and health professionals aren’t giving you the best care possible. 

Who’s at Fault for Mishandling Coronavirus Tests? 

One of the difficulties involved with the coronavirus pandemic is the lack of available testing in the U.S. Many South Carolina residents and residents of other states have already complained about being unable to get tests. 

One of the first batches of COVID-19 tests released by the CDC were inaccurate. In other cases, hospitals or doctors weren’t prepared for the tests or didn’t receive proper instruction on using the tests. That left many people suffering from severe symptoms without hard evidence that they had COVID-19. 

Coronavirus test mishandling is a stumbling block for your health, but the at-fault party may depend on what went wrong with your test. For example, if a doctor was careless with the tests, you may be able to sue the doctor or hospital group. Government agencies may have also been careless in producing and providing the tests.