Can I Get Workers Comp Benefits for Hearing Loss?

Posted in Workers Compensation on April 23, 2020

Losing your hearing means missing out on a lot of life events. Your child’s recitals, your favorite bands, and even the simple pleasure of hearing your spouse’s voice may be lost without your hearing. Worse, you did what you could to protect your hearing, but your job caused the damage. 

The question is, are South Carolina workers comp insurers required to cover hearing loss? You need those benefits to cover your bills to maintain or repair your hearing, when possible, as well as making up for the losses you’ve suffered. If you’re having trouble getting workers comp benefits for hearing loss, you may need to seek your benefits with the help of an attorney. 

What Your Workers Comp Benefits Should Cover

When you’re hurt on the job, your employer should cover all your losses. No matter who was at fault, you should be offered benefits that cover all your needs, including wage replacement while you’re unable to work. For example, you may need time off to get your hearing aids, or your hearing loss may make doing your job impossible.

Typically, hearing loss is considered a work injury or illness. Some work environments are especially loud, and that leads to many people losing their hearing over time. That’s especially true if you don’t have appropriate equipment to help you avoid that damage. 

What Happens When Your Workers Comp Benefits Are Denied

But, that doesn’t always mean your workers comp provider will be so understanding. You may have been denied your full benefits, or you may have been denied benefits. That doesn’t mean you’re out of options, though. 

Instead of accepting what they’ll offer, your workers comp lawyer can take your claim to court, representing you when you’re hurt and suffering. Your case will be heard during a formal hearing in front of a panel of workers comp commissioners, who are responsible for deciding how your claim will be settled.