What Are My Workers Comp Rights in South Carolina?

When you’re hurt in an accident at work, it’s not always easy to get back to work. Instead, you might be facing long-term care, expensive treatment, and minimal activity while you heal. All these options mean that you might be unable to work, which makes it tougher for you to recover after your accident.

That means that many injured workers need to ask, “What are my workers comp rights in South Carolina?” Fortunately, as an employee, you might have certain rights to recover compensation for a full recovery. The lawyers at HawkLaw, PA can help you get the full workers comp benefits you deserve, so you can focus on your health.

Your Right to Coverage

First, you’ll need to know whether you have a right to workers comp coverage. Although workers comp benefits are offered to almost all employees in South Carolina, some workers may not be eligible to file for a workers comp claim.

In some cases, you might simply be exempt from coverage. For example, employers aren’t required to cover independent contractors, and casual employees might find themselves without workers comp.

However, other groups might have other options. For example, federal workers may not be able to file for South Carolina workers comp while working in the state. However, they may be able to file for federal coverage.

If you’re not sure whether you’re covered, you may need to speak to your workers comp lawyer. They can help you determine whether you should be covered and whether your employer is offering the required coverage.

Rights after a Denial

Unfortunately, even if you’re covered by your employer and everything else goes smoothly, you could still be denied. That leaves you and your family without compensation. That doesn’t mean you’re out of options.

Your South Carolina attorney can fight back for you if your workers comp claim has been denied. You may need help gathering evidence, building a defense, and defending yourself during a hearing. Fortunately, your lawyer can make this process easier.

If you’ve been denied and you’re not sure what to do, a call to your attorney can help. As a worker, you have a right to defend your claim in a hearing, if your employer continues to refuse your claim. Fortunately, your attorney can help you fight back at every stage of your claim.

Contact a South Carolina Lawyer about Your Rights

If you’ve been injured at work, you might have one major question: What are my workers comp rights in South Carolina? Unfortunately, many workers struggle to get the answers they need. That can leave people such as you and your family struggling with debt and employment complications.

Fortunately, your attorney at HawkLaw, PA understands your rights as a worker. We also want to help you protect those rights by understanding them. If you have questions, reaching out for a free claim review* can help you get your claim on track.

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