How Does Workers Comp Work in South Carolina?

When you’re hurt in a work accident, you may need to act now to get your workers comp benefits. However, if you’re not familiar with the process, you may not know how workers comp works in South Carolina or whether you’re eligible. 

If you’re not sure where to start, call a lawyer from HawkLaw, PA. Your workers comp attorney can help you understand your workers comp claim and seek your benefits. 

Eligibility for South Carolina Workers Comp

You know you were injured at work, but how do you know whether you’re really eligible for workers compensation? While the majority of South Carolina employers are required to carry workers compensation insurance, not all employers have these requirements. 

If an employer has four or more regular employees, they’re expected to maintain workers comp insurance. However, below is a sample of the people who may be ineligible for workers comp. If your job position is on the following list, you may need to talk to your workers comp lawyer about your other options for financial recovery: 

  • Casual employees
  • Those in agricultural labor
  • Railway workers
  • State and county fair employees
  • Federal employees

Notifying Your Employer of an Injury

When you’re first injured in a work accident, you may not know who to turn to. Typically, of course, your first step is to seek medical help right away, but what happens after that? 

Once you’ve gotten the care you need, you’ll need to tell your employer that you were injured and that you’re seeking workers comp benefits. Fortunately, that should be all you have to do. From there, your employer has a short time span to notify the insurance company, which will review your claim and determine the benefits you’re due. They’ll then approve or deny your workers compensation claim. 

Benefits for Injured South Carolina Workers

If you’ve been injured at work, you need workers comp benefits that cover your needs. You may be completely unable to work while dealing with your injuries, so you and your lawyer will need to discuss the compensation you’re due. 

For example, all your medical expenses should be covered. Any reasonable treatment you need to overcome your injuries should be included. You should also receive wage replacement benefits, which vary, depending on your level of disability and whether you’re able to return to work. Speak to your lawyer about your options to recover from your workplace accident. 

Seek Help with a South Carolina Workers Comp Lawyer

When you’re hurt in an on-the-job injury, taking these steps may feel easier said than done. Worse, you may have already been denied workers compensation for your losses. 

That’s where a lawyer from HawkLaw, PA can step in. They can answer your pressing questions, like, “How does workers comp work in South Carolina?” That way, you know what to expect and what your lawyer can do to fight for your full benefits after a work injury. 

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