South Carolina Car Accident FAQ

A car accident can leave you suffering financially, emotionally, and physically. You deserve compensation when someone seriously injures you, but now you may be stuck, struggling to get the full compensation you deserve.

If you’re struggling with your auto crash claim, you’ll need answers as soon as possible. Fortunately, that’s what our South Carolina car accident FAQ is for. At HawkLaw, PA, we know you need answers for complex questions, and we’re here to help. If you’re struggling with your personal injury claim in South Carolina, reach out for answers to the questions below and more.

How long do I have to file my injury claim in SC?

After your accident, you’ll need to act as soon as possible to get your full compensation. For the typical car accident in South Carolina, you’ll only have three years to file a claim. For an accident involving a government entity, however, you may have as little as two years. While that may seem like plenty of time, a claim can be overwhelming, so you may need to act fast and seek help.

I think I was partly responsible for my car accident. Can I still file a claim?

If possible, it’s best to avoid all accusations that you were at fault for your claim to any degree. South Carolina has comparative negligence laws, which means that your claim could be reduced by any amount of fault you’re found responsible for.

For example, if you were hit by a truck driver while you were on the phone, you might be found partially responsible for the accident because you were distracted. If you’re found 10 percent at fault, your compensation may be reduced to only 90 percent of the original amount.

How long will my South Carolina car wreck claim take?

The amount of time it takes for your claim to be resolved will depend on several factors. For example, a multiple-car accident may be more complex, or if you’re suing a parts manufacturer, it may take longer to gather evidence than it would take for a simpler auto collision.

However, your attorney should take the time necessary to get your full compensation. While many cases can be settled out of court or completed within a few weeks or months, we’ll keep fighting until you hopefully get your full compensation.

Find a South Carolina Car Accident Lawyer for You

When you’re injured in a car crash, you’ll need compensation to recover, but that can be difficult and overwhelming. A South Carolina car accident FAQ can make a difference, but you probably also need the personal guidance a lawyer can provide.

Fortunately, our car crash lawyers at HawkLaw, PA can step in and help you through your claim. We understand how difficult an auto accident claim can be, so we’ll fight to protect the compensation you need and get answers for your questions.

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