Top Bicycle Safety Tips: Biking to Work in Charleston, SC

Posted in Bicycle Accidents on February 15, 2018

Biking to work is both good for your health and good for the environment, but bicycling accidents can happen even when you are being careful and following all the rules of the road. If you’ve sustained an injury after a bicycling accident on Charleston, SC’s busy roads, talk to HawkLaw for help. To stay safe and accident-free, consider these tips for biking to work in the city of Charleston.

Bicycling Accidents in Charleston

While Charleston is a city growing in popularity, it won a distinction from in 2016 no city wants – The Worst City for Cycling.

There are some initial advantages that make the city seem like the ideal place for a cyclist. The roads are relatively flat and the climate is moderate, so it is easy to avoid exhausting hills on swelteringly hot days. The core of the city also offers short blocks and narrow streets that reduce the concentration and speed of traffic. The smaller streets make for a less stressful environment in which to ride. In 2010, the 29th best city in the United States for biking was Charleston.

However, in the last eight years, Charleston has fallen behind. Other cities around the country have been adapting their roads and infrastructure to be more bike-friendly and encourage people to begin riding their bikes everywhere. Charleston has not made any effort to do this. There are few bike lanes and trails. People have asked the city and state government to fix this, but officials inform them that there is no money in the budget for such adaptations.