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Minor Car Accident
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Should I Hire a Lawyer for a Minor Car Accident in SC?

When you’re involved in a car accident, the damage may not seem so bad. You’re a little banged up, and your car needs repairs, but the damage is minimal. Now you’re wondering whether it’s worth the hassle to hire a lawyer for a minor car accident in SC? 

At HawkLaw, PA, we’ve seen how a minor car crash can turn into a big deal quickly. If you’re unsure about hiring a South Carolina car accident lawyer for your claim, reach out to our attorneys about your options for compensation. 

Minor Car Accidents Can Be Expensive

You might be thinking that your accident wasn’t that costly, so you don’t really need to hire a lawyer. That’s not typically the case. 

Even in a minor car crash, expenses can pile up fast. You could be dealing with more expenses and repairs that you didn’t expect from the accident. You may also have more medical bills than you’d expect from minor injuries.

Even if you feel fine at first, you may have suffered a delayed injury such as whiplash or a concussion, both of which can be costly to treat. You may need physical therapy, time off work, and treatment beyond what you planned for. You don’t want to be left paying out of your pocket for those losses, so getting a lawyer now may be your best option to recover from your injuries. 

You Could Be Blamed

When you’re injured in a car accident, no matter how minor, the last thing you want to do is pay for it yourself. The problem is, that’s exactly what the liable party is fighting for. 

If you’re involved in a car crash, there’s a chance you aren’t completely without fault in the claim. You may have admitted to being drowsy or fiddling with the radio when the wreck occurred. Unfortunately, letting the liable party pin that blame on you could hurt your chances to get compensated. 

If you’ve been accused of partial or complete fault for the accident, your compensation could be reduced by that amount or dismissed completely. Because of this, it’s often best to have a lawyer on your side to speak on your behalf and ensure you don’t inadvertently accept blame. 

Contact a SC Lawyer After a Minor Car Accident

Sometimes, an auto accident may not seem like a big deal. You’re probably thinking that your insurance company should cover it, or that you can just pay for it yourself and avoid a long, expensive legal claim. However, that legal claim may be easier for you to cover than the car accident expenses. 

Instead of accepting the penalties you could face and paying for the accident, hire a lawyer for a minor car accident in SC. At HawkLaw, PA, we understand just how expensive these claims can get, and we can help you get compensated when you’re struggling with a car accident claim that you didn’t cause. 

Get started today with a free consultation, during which we can discuss the losses you’ve suffered and help you obtain the funds you need. Give us a call at 1-888-HAWK-LAW (429-5529) or complete the following online contact form to get started.